novembre 28, 2002

Arthur in the Kitchen

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novembre 27, 2002

Thanksgiving Menu & Dinner

1. Frivolités de Saumon (Champagne Pol Roget 1990)

2. Oie farcie aux marrons accompagnée de confit de châtaignes, noix et fenouil (Haut-Brion 1989)

3. Salade aux herbes fraîches et aux truffes noires
4. Nancy's Cranberry Steam Pudding with Hard Sauce (Coteaux du Layon St. Lambert, Clos des Bonnes Blanches 1997)
5. Mignardises

Table setting

Stuffed Goose.

Stuffed Goose just browned.

Stuffed Goose, browned and ready to go into the oven with bouillon and bouquet garni.
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novembre 23, 2002

Some Relief

It is cold and windy here today so I figured why not. Arthur & Miladus enjoying the warmth of the hot tub this past summer.
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Babette au Travail

Babette working on some Encyclopédie article...
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novembre 22, 2002

Avenue de La Bourdonnais

For over 10 years now we have been able to stay on almost of all our visits to Paris in an apartment on the Avenue de La Bourdonnais near the corner of the Rue de Montessuy. And so we have grown to consider the quartier our own. Now that I know we will be there from the middle of December on, I am alreay feeling nostalgic for all the goodies. So here is an initial quick sampling:
Marie-Anne Cantin cheese store (12, rue du Champ de Mars). The cheese is outstanding and the wine selection, while small, is superb. I am partial to her Faugères. I also like her dog.
Poujaran bakery (20, rue Jean Nicot. The store is pink and there is ususally a line outside, so you can't miss it).
Charles Traiteur (135, rue Saint Dominique) for charcuterie and especially boudin.
Chariot du Roy, for vegetables and fruit.
Mme Huchet, owner of the Viandes du Champ de Mars (122 rue Saint Dominique). Excellent source of game and rabbit, among other things.
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The Old Country

Wadi Qadisha
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Salle Adyar

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novembre 21, 2002

Ecole Militaire

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novembre 20, 2002

Jackie's Mollie

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Pikes Peak

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Rosie's Molly

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Map Nerds

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novembre 19, 2002

Room with a view

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novembre 17, 2002

Japanese Needle Juniper

From the National Arboretum
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Olive Bonsai

From the National Arboretum
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novembre 16, 2002

Chez les Dieux

Two 18th century specialists (Babette & Neil) in the Garden of the Gods.
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Maître Goulemer & Miladus trying out for a Charlie Chaplin movie in Colorado.
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Babette hard at work designing our Christmas cards last year. I guess we are late this season.
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Miladus on Rue Montessuy leading up to avenue La Bourdonnais.
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Rue Servandoni

Sometimes we stay on Rue Servandoni where some close friends own a wonderful small apartment. Here is a cat on the window, next door to Saint Sulpice.
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Soon we will be back in our little 'coin' in Paris. This is the cedar of Lebanon on the Champ de Mars, not far from the apartment where we normally stay.
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Green Orchid

Babette always wanted a green cattleya. Although Lc. Lorraine Souto x Blc. Waikiki Gold only remains green for 3 days, it is very beautiful and fills the house with the smell of roses.
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Miladus' Favorite

This delicate Laelio-cattleya Angel Heart "Hihimanu" AM/AOS smells like Jasmine and so reminds Miladus of the Old Country.
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Brassia in Bloom

Our fall orchids (that we bought in Hawaii in the summer of 2000) were particularly lovely this year. This is Brassia Edvah Loo x Miltonia Gayety.
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novembre 15, 2002

Gemmi Hotel

Babette in Switzerland (Gemmi Hotel, Daubensee).
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Babette in Switzerland
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