janvier 30, 2003

Cultural Tourism

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janvier 27, 2003


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En Costume

Sometimes you have to...
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Why Not?

miladus enjoying a glass of Jurançon.
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Poulet de Bresse

Roasted poulet de Bresse.
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janvier 22, 2003

Roy du Pain

The only bread worthy of Mme Charles' charcuterie is that from the justly famous Poujauran on the rue Jean Nicot. Here you can see his Christmas decorations, especially the giant bread basket on top of his antique delivery truck. We particularly like his petit pain aux échalotes confites and the flûte pavot sésame.
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Roy Du Boudin

Mr. and Mme Charles have won all the European prizes for all sorts of pork charcuterie, especially their boudin blanc and boudin noir. You can see that they are pork fans: there are rows of little ceramic piggies all over the Saint Dominique boutique. You may drool over the pâté en croûte among other tempting delicacies.
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Cold, Cold

View from the plane just before landing in Toronto taken by Babette.
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Belle Ile

Photo prise par Lydia du bateau en quittant belle-île l'été dernier à l'aube.
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janvier 21, 2003

Boudin Affair

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Miladus en nerd

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Frozen Luxembourg Fountain

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Maurice en cravate

Lydia can never get Maurice into suit and tie, so the event was worthy of commemoration.
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janvier 13, 2003

First Bus Ride

Anna & Mark's first bus ride in Paris.
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janvier 11, 2003

The Ladies

Babette waiting for the 87 bus.

Lydia happy to find her glasses.

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Casa Bini

After a delightful lunch at Casa Bini with Lydia and Maurice

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Snow in Paris

It started snowing around 10:00 a.m. in the morning.

Champ de Mars covered with snow in the afternoon.

Babette enjoying the cold weather.

The Champ de Mars Cedar of Lebanon under the snow.

Our bus stop on the Champ de Mars (42.69 and 87).

Fence and balcony of an hôtel particulier on the Champ de Mars.

Milad loaded down with cheese from Marie-Anne Cantin, the best cheesemonger in Paris.
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janvier 09, 2003

Cyber Girl

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Chevreuil Dinner

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Babette & Anna

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Galette des Rois

Phil got the fève.
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