février 19, 2003

Birds After the Snow

We had a bird invasion after the big snow...





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février 17, 2003

Morning After

The snow has stopped for the moment, but the wind roared all night and sculpted the snow into strange shapes.



Deady icecicles about to crash down from our solarium roof.


This is the first time since 9/11 that the governor has closed the highways, and it's haunting to see Interstate 83 with no cars on it.

route 83

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février 16, 2003

Mount Baltimore

Mount Baltimore

Charm City? No Comment...

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L'Heure Bleue

It's 6 p.m. and the governor of Maryland has ordered people off the roads. We live overlooking Interstate 83, so we went out on our western balcony to see if people were obeying the law. Most were, partly because the snowplows are blocking the roads:
Route 83

The snow is still falling, and the dusk light has brought out what the Parisians call the Blue Hour.

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Nothing but Snow

We were supposed to stay in Massachusetts through Sunday, but the nor'easter coming up from the Carolinas made us change our plans and drive back Saturday. We arrived just before the snow started in Baltimore, and awakened to quite a bit: here it's only 08:30 a.m...

The Weather Channel predicted at most 18 inches by tomorrow, but at noon you can see from our 24"-deep planters that we're already there, and the snow is not abating!
more snow

noon snow

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Berkshires Weekend

We went to Massachusetts to visit a friend this weekend and Wilda took the opportunity to see her sister Mary, a curator at the Sackler, on a quick day-trip to Cambridge. Mary in her office:


Our friend Rosalina who teaches at Amherst College has a house in the country. The winter moon over her garage shows how cold it was...

Rosie's little Lhasa Apso Molly is a tiny delight:

It was 4 degrees when we went to Rosalina's office, so cold that she had to carry Molly.

Rosie has a new G4. Miladus helped her update her software.

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février 11, 2003

Uh, Oh!

The Dudes trying to set up a new blog. What is going on with the moronic ISP webhosting configuration?
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février 09, 2003

Airplane Dude with iPod

Happy man with his music

iPod man

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Map Girl

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février 07, 2003

Predawn Blogger

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Charming Lights

View towards the crime lights of Baltimore

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Just Before Dawn

5:59 and the snow continues to fall:

Miladus' cloud pine is really starting to look like clouds in the night sky.

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février 06, 2003

Midnight on the 12th Floor

It is 23:39 and we've taken advantage of a calm in the storm.

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February Snow Storm

It is 20:29 and it just started to snow...
sn01 The view from our balcony.

sn02 First traces of snowfall on the pines.
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