mars 30, 2003

Last Snow?

After 10 days or so of wonderful spring weather, the snow is back this morning.



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mars 28, 2003

Spring Weekend in Massachusetts

Last weekend I went up to visit Rosalina again in Amherst.  We had Sunday dinner with our friends the Sislers at their beautiful house in Acton.  They spoiled us with foie gras and Sauternes for the first course:

The dinner was wonderful, and we hated to leave such good friends, but we finally had to head out:

Before I left, Rosalina and I stayed up late and configured her brand-new Titanium Powerbook; her dog Molly clearly was ready for bed long before Rosie was.
snootle dog

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mars 24, 2003



Arthur and Nancy's K-cat.

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mars 23, 2003



I found this on the net. I believe it was taken in 1901. It is very close to where my father is buried.

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mars 17, 2003

Babette's Orchid Offerings

My Birthday Dendrobium:
This is a closeup of the now-blooming dendrobium that Neil Saccamano and Anette Schwartz gave me for my 50th birthday two years ago.  It is a Nagasaki 'S&W' x Yukidaruma 'King', with a delicate lily-like fragrance that comes out in the morning.

Another view of the new phalaenopsis:
new phal
Phal Baldan's Kaleidoscope 'Golden Treasure' AM/AOS

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Almost There


Our little yellow miniature Dendrobium is trying to catch up with the big fellows.

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Levantine Bonzais


Pink Savory and Conehead Thyme, 2 of the herbs that go into Za'atar.

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mars 16, 2003

Late Bloomer


Our latest orchid to bloom. We have owned it for 2 years and this is the first time it shows its colours.

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mars 10, 2003



Babette admiring Marie Mercier's vitrine. The only problem: no similar store exists for us dudes.

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mars 09, 2003

New Orchids

The Maryland Orchid Society's show was this weekend. We went to see it along with Arthur & Nancy and we returned home with 3 new plants.

This tiny little beast was 'hors de prix' but obviously we could not resist it. It is a Doritaenopsis Kelsie Takasaki 'Harford's Pinstripe'.

Everyone in the show had dozens of these plants. So here is the one that we bought: Phalaenopsis Baldan's Kaleidoscope 'Golden Treasure' AM/AOS.

My favorite: Wilsonara 'Geneva Red'.

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Spring has sprung


Spring is returning and new leaves are coming out on our Bay trees standards.

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mars 05, 2003

Visiting Bill and Renée

Chatting with Bill as Erik talks to Gracie:
Bill and Erik

Erik showed me his new guitar and serenaded me while Renée fed everyone:

Then the boys took me downstairs to show me their heavy-duty band setup:
The Band

Philip's new drums:

The noise was astounding, and the bunny went into shell shock:

It was great fun to see them all again; it had been too long.
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mars 02, 2003


Babette pruning our rosemary.
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