avril 26, 2003

Spring Effect


The view from our balcony after a rainy day.

maple tree

Our maple tree in bloom.

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avril 24, 2003

California Visit

Riad & Cathy delighted us with a visit this afternoon. And we got to see the three boys for the first time in six years. We hope they don't wait so long to see us again.


Zane and Babette reading French comic books. For those who want to know: La Marque Jaune.


Our California visitor: Riad in glasses, smoking a cigarette (questionable)...



tv dudes

All American activity: TV.

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avril 20, 2003

Easter Gossip


Babette and Elaine gossiping before the Easter meal (stuffed lamb shoulder...).

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avril 19, 2003

Flowers & Candles


Our midget but adorable flowering cactus. Babette's current favorite.


My puff ball growing...

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avril 17, 2003

Easter Nostalgia

mar mama

The oldest church (Mar Mama) in the old place, built sometime in the 7th century. Used to be an obligatory visit just before Easter.

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avril 15, 2003

Dangerous Parrot


Humans beware: this parrot means business. It bites.

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Babette reading in the sun...

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avril 14, 2003

Hoc Est Corpus Meum


Jackie at the Last Supper on Cloverhill Road.

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avril 13, 2003

Finally Spring...


Conehead Thyme looking a bit like a medusa head...


Mugo Pine ready for spring...

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Our new thimble-sized cactus makes up for his small size by the enthusiasm with which he blooms.


Our already established small cacti were moved to new consolidated quarters.

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Cats at Work


Marthur has an identity problem: his new owners were not sure about his gender. Now things are clear and he can just relax outside.


K-Cat has developed a serious appetite for dessert...

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avril 06, 2003

Birthday Girl

birthday girl

Happy Birthday Babette. Here she is at one of her favorite stores, chez Mlle Cantin.

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avril 01, 2003


I have described this many times to Babette. Nothing beats a picture though.

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