juin 29, 2003

Birthday Present

My sister Mary sent me a gardenia bonsai which arrived yesterday, smelling lovely and in perfect condition:

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Our Nephew's Graduation Party

Welcome to Erik's Graduation Party!
Chez les Anderson, 6/22/03.

The musical graduate.

Renée served a lovely buffet dinner,
with graduation caps in the cheese…

A happy Renée,

and a happy father and son.

Erik and Gracie with Perdita Long.

Gorgeous Gracie!

Erik and his uncle Milad.


Milad, Wilda and the beloved nephew.
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Working Hard


Babette's Powerbook with iSight attached.


Babette hard at work...

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juin 28, 2003

Old French Cars


I don't know what is is about Charm City's stores, but a couple of them have taken to having old French cars. Here is the Old Vine's CitroŽn. Next Le Petit Louis'.

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juin 27, 2003


bay tree

Our Bay trees are seriously growing this year.

corsican mint

And the Corsican mint is certainly happy.

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juin 26, 2003

Happy Feline

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juin 17, 2003


deux Lavender from our garden in a Pampaloni vase.
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juin 12, 2003

Hunting Dogs

dogs waiting to be fed at Cheverny.
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juin 11, 2003



My favorite nephew Erik with his girlfriend Gracie on their way to the Prom. Erik is also known to the Northern Virginia high school population as Doktor Love.

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juin 01, 2003


maison de balzac

Le "ch‚teau" de Balzac.

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