octobre 31, 2003

Halloween Dinner


Babette inspecting the table...


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octobre 25, 2003

Late Fall Swim


Nancy enjoying the weather and the pool...

2 dudes

Marthur & his Dude in perfect communion.

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octobre 19, 2003

Sleepy Saturday at the Valks'

Visiting the Valks on a cool and sunny Fall weekend:

On a Diet

Arthur's on a diet? Anything that works…

Marthur snoozing

Marthur snoozing in the late Fall sun on the pool chair, appreciating a life he never had as a feral.

Study in Blues

Nancy as a study in blue.

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Texas Cousins Come to Baltimore


My cousin Dawn and her husband Joe came to visit hard on the heels of a long anniversary trip to Scotland. They fell in love with single malt Scotch whiskies and brought us a marvelous bottle which we added to our collection. Here is Joe on a typical evening tasting after dinner, digestif oblige.


Dawn in the living room, graceful as always.


Milad and Joe at the Baltimore Museum of Art, admiring sculpture and discussing the ins and outs of digital culture.

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octobre 17, 2003

Hard at Work

Sophia reorganizing the bookshelves at Barnes & Noble.
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Budding Literary Critic

Emily & Peter Decherney's daughter on her first Parisian Promenade (via W. Benjamin, of course).
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