février 29, 2004



First nice dinner after almost 3 weeks of illness and convalescence...


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février 27, 2004

Sunny Afternoon


A nice sunny day. I am sure we will get some more unpleasant winter weather, but not so bad while it lasts...


Babette working and enjoying the sun...


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février 24, 2004

Texas Snowfall

It snows in Texas sometimes.
Dad and Mom got up before dawn to watch the first snow in their new house. Once the 'rosy fingers of dawn' came in from the east, Dad took pictures to capture a fleeting moment:

The wild oaks through the living room windows;

With the pink of dawn still slightly visible, Dad trekked out to the road (his footprints are at the left) and captured Two Trees in an unexpectedly serene view;

A closer picture of the larger wild oak;

and from the other side, snow on its multiple trunks, showing why these trees are so appreciated in Texas.

The snow had melted by mid-morning, but the parents enjoyed while it lasted a reminder of the weather they left behind when they moved from the northeast. Perhaps they will get homesick enough to come visit us up here soon…

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février 21, 2004



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février 08, 2004

Computers & Houses

Carl in computer heaven...


Babette and her Dad figuring something out (related to their archive of the construction of the house).


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février 07, 2004


Sunset at Two trees.



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Computers in Texas

Well, after getting up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a plane to Dallas, I managed to get most of the computer work done.


Moving files from an original NeXT Cube to an iMac.


While upgrading a Powerbook...


In the meantime, the ladies were enjoying the day...

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février 06, 2004

Road Runner

roadrunner In Texas...

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More Nostaligia

I guess this can be therapeutic before going to Texas....

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février 05, 2004


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février 01, 2004

Sunday Rabbit

We are preparing rabbit this evening (a Miladus version of a Robuchon recipe). Babette & Arthur are responsible for carving the beast... As for wine, a Mercurey, a Vacquerays and a Château-Neuf-du-Pape. And Marcellus will be joining us as well.


Here they are discussing the procedure.


Now that they have a plan, time for execution.


Nancy, not so neutral observer.

babette & rabbit

Not easy work, I assure you.


Shallots, potatoes, blanched bacon, rosemary, piment d'espalette, garlic.

browning rabbit

Browning the beast.


Adding the potatoes after cooking the rabbit for 45 minutes.

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