mai 25, 2005

Beer and Tea

Babette at the Terrasse du 7ème checking out the new movies, then a couple of shots of Mariage Frères.




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mai 23, 2005

Modern Garden

One of the most successful modern gardens...

andre citroen

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mai 20, 2005

Oh La La

When Babette is giving me a hard time...


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A real estate agent's vitrine in Versailles.


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mai 17, 2005

A View

The Eiffel Tower from the end of the rue de l'université, just around the corner.


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mai 16, 2005


We visited Pablo in his new apartment on Mont Cenis. The first picture is taken from one of his windows. The second one while waiting for the 80 bus.

sacre cœur

babette and miren

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mai 15, 2005


At the Musée de la Marine where Babette was in close proximity to one of her dudes...


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mai 14, 2005

Happy Grandfather

We finally got to meet Tomas, and as you can see, he is quite a fellow (with his happy grandfather).


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A Cat

While waiting for Babette around rue du Bac and St. Germain yesterday afternoon...


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mai 08, 2005

Cœur de Bœuf

One serious tomato with the herbs in the background.

cœur de bœuf

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mai 07, 2005

Windy Morning

We took a long walk this morning to take a look at the Le Prince Jardinier and Delage for babette. A windy and cool day, but still relatively quiet before the 'rentrée' tomorrow.



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mai 05, 2005

First meal


Well, our first meal was not bad at all (despite travel fatigue). If anything, it demonstartes how greedy we can be: it was mostly small mignardises that included:
Œuf de caille et saumon fumé (above)
Rouget Timbaline
Foie Gras
Terrine de légume

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