Politics, Language and Cultures of the Arab World.

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September 13: Introduction

September 20: The Arab world before Islam: language, and culture.

September 27: The rise of Islam.

October 4: Varieties of Islam.

October 11: Ottoman Empire and its legacy in the current Arab World.

October 18: Arab world and/or Islamic world ? Critical Perspectives.

October 25: Roots of contemporary islamic religious movements in the Arab world.

November 1: Islamic fundamentalisms.

November 8: Minorities in the Arab world. Contemporary Arab Media.

November 15: Arabism and Political Regimes in the Arab world.

November 29: National cultures in the Arab world and Islamic movements.

December 6: Diversity of contemporary Islam in the Arab world.

December 13: Secularism and Islam: historical and contemporary perspectives.

Course Work

Most readings will be available online, except for Hourani's A History of the Arab People (ordered for class).

You will have to write 3 essays for the course: two brief papers and a final research essay.
The first paper will be due on October 11.
The second will be due on November 15.
The final essay is due December 13 (last day of classes).
I will discuss in more details about the first 2 essay assignments once we have started the class.
Your grade will be based on the 3 essays and on class participation (20% for each of the first 2 essays, 40% for final paper and 20% for class participation).